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Currently we have some types of paper pizza box different but generally these are boxes used E flute carton with 3 or 5 layers and the thickness from 1,8 to 2,4 mm depend machine from manufacturer

But the big different between these box is printing technology with outer of box.

So the costing of boxes decides by 2 production process as below:

1. outer printing by offset : with this option will apply when some customers buy with small quantity and required with high printing quality.

2. Outer printing by Flexo : this option need the quantity order bigs enough due to the cost of Polylme plate is high. But the pizza cost will be low compare with Offset print.

Food box was produced from HD Paper Packaging company

Paper containers for foods and foods such as rice, salads, noodles, can also use various types of boxes depending on the needs

Hot liquid at HD Paper Packaging good price

These items replace for set included single wall cup and cover E flute because this products has paper cover out side cup with

Single wall at HD Paper Packaging nice model

The paper we are using is 200gsm, 250 gsm, 300 gsm if you use this cup for normal liquid we use only one side coated paper.

Cupcake - muffin cup was produced from HD Paper Packaging company

Specialized products for cakes such as cake pan lined before baking in baking molds or biscuits are lined by layers in metal bo

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