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The ubiquitous block bottom SOS paper bag is popular for one reason – it works. From Petcare to Flour & Sugar, Fashion to Fast food and Homewares this is the perfect bag. If you are looking for packaging that can be efficiently filled either manually or automatically then the box-like rigidity of a block bottom paper bag gives you the perfect solution.

Printing using our state of the art flexographic presses we can provide you with any level of design complexity  if required.

If barrier properties are required then we will laminate additional layers of PE, PP or PET to ensure you receive the correct moisture transmission rate. But if you really need it leak resistant then we can fully heat seal.

We can also supply these bags waxed – please see our waxed paper page.

Paper Sheets, Paper Wraps & Trayliners

Using a sheets rather than a bag, box or clamshell, there are benefits both financially and environmentally.

Food box was produced from HD Paper Packaging company

Paper containers for foods and foods such as rice, salads, noodles, can also use various types of boxes depending on the needs

Single wall at HD Paper Packaging nice model

The paper we are using is 200gsm, 250 gsm, 300 gsm if you use this cup for normal liquid we use only one side coated paper.

Cupcake - muffin cup was produced from HD Paper Packaging company

Specialized products for cakes such as cake pan lined before baking in baking molds or biscuits are lined by layers in metal bo

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